About Andrea

I’m someone who likes to use my initiative to help others, and to create order, productivity, and happiness. My mission is to make boldly better the life of each individual with whom I work. I want people to be happy with themselves, while deeply productive and satisfied with what they’re doing in their lives.


I’ve always had the wish to remove the difficulties which stop us from being our best. Someone may have huge potential, but internal obstacles create blocks. Indecision, difficulties with one’s job, worry, a health or relationship challenge, the inability to find satisfying work, or just the twists and turns on life’s path keep getting in the way.


I have a reputation for being focused, honest, compassionate, quick to understand another’s point of view and challenges, and skillful at facilitating solutions. Throughout my career, clients have consistently said that I am always able to find the pearl, the positive spin, the learning edge for them, even when things are rough. No matter what concern they bring to our work, they quickly feel clearer, strengthened by the new perspective, and ready to move forward.

For years I have been studying what it means to be a happy, productive, good person. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the woman’s loving and maternal role in her primary relationship. There I was referring to woman’s relationship with her partner, but finding that role is even more important in our relationships with our own selves.

I’ve done individual and group coaching for sixteen years. I began as the Project Manager and a senior coach/therapist in the Maximum Potential Project, a program dedicated to helping very bright but underachieving adolescents and adults reach their potential.

Degrees, Certifications & Training

  • Private coaching business since 1996
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology. Licensed as a psychotherapist since 1982
  • Health Coach, Dept. of Integrative Medicine, Duke University Medical Center
  • Graduate of Coach University
  • The Coaches Training Institute workshops
  • Member International Coach Federation (ICF), worldwide governing body for coaches 
  • Master Certified Coach since 2005: the highest designation awarded by the ICF
  • Certified Teleclass leader since 2002
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach, 2010.  Dept. of Integrative Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

My Philosophy

No two people are alike. There is no personal development program that everyone can take in a general way that will help him or her grow. We need to explore what behavior fits for each individual, support the strengths, and work to manage or eliminate self-defeating behavior. What I have seen is that when personal development work is contoured exactly to the client, substantial change happens. My clients tell me: “This is exactly what I need.”

I have always enjoyed working pro-actively, to help people move forward, get happier, and grow. I was never much of a rearview-mirror therapist, so my transition to coaching gave me the chance to use my solution-focused orientation in even more effective ways to help my clients take strong action in their own behalf.  My goal is to support my clients in clarifying their vision of how they want things to be, and then together make that into reality.