The Real Story on Stress Management for Women

Do you:

  • Work terribly long hours?
  • Find yourself struggling to handle the challenges of each day?
  • Feel tired, overwhelmed, unhappy, with no time to take care of your health?

Would you like to be able manage the situation instead of letting it manage you? 

A lot of successful women are going so fast and are feeling so stressed that over time they lose perspective about what matters most to them. They get into a mind-set which consistently repeats, “If I just push harder and faster, I’ll catch up. Then I can slow down and relax.” The truth is, I have coached hundreds of women who are trying to get to that "Valley of the Caught Up," but I have never found one who arrived. If this sounds like you, there is a way out!

In this group we’ll create a safe forum where you will learn some amazingly simply yet practical strategies to help you manage and eliminate stress. Broaden your perspective as you turn challenges into opportunities and difficult times into lasting lessons that spur your personal growth and career forward. The group and I will partner with you to put new systems in place so you can have the time and quality of life that you want.

Telephone Coaching Group

Start date:        Next group to be announced
Time:                  TBA
Call length:       60 minutes. (Long distance charges apply.)
# of sessions:  Eight
Fee:                   TBA
Group size:       Approximately 8 members

Format for Groups

To register: 919-933-2311 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.