Corporate & Business Integrative Health Coaching

What can a business do to save money on healthcare, and how will that be demonstrated in the return on investment (ROI)? If you run a company and want your employees to be healthier, more productive, to reduce health care costs, then health coaching is an optimal choice.  Health coaching is the backbone behind excellence in performance and leadership.

You have hired the best and the brightest.  You provide a great working environment.  What will draw the maximum potential out of your team?  The more we take care of our bodies, minds, and spirit, the greater are the results in terms of increased energy, tranquility and well-being.  Of course, the better our energy the more we can focus that into achievement.  

Business coaching can be done individually or in a group format.      

Benefits reported:

  • Greater energy and focus
  • Reduction in absenteeism & presenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater happiness
  • HR, administrators, and CEO’s indicate reduction in health care costs, due to:
  • Medically corroborated reduction in health risks
  • Decreased doctor visits
  • Decreased accidents
  • Resilient behavior increases

The difficult economic climate that began in 2008 has challenged organizations to find ways to retain top talent and reinvigorate employees.  The goal is not only to weather the financial storm but to keep staff, who potentially have less support and more work, producing as effectively as before.  How can this be done?  How can businesses maximize the productivity of employees?  

Research and anecdotal reports indicate that an effective approach is adding coaching to an employee’s support system.  Corporations and businesses benefit when employees work with an experienced and professionally trained coach.  Coaching is a collaboration designed to support the client in deepening their learning, awareness and increase their progress.  Results on coaching’s impact show decreased stress, greater energy, motivation, confidence and self esteem, as well as improved ability to effectively deal with change and conflict.  Employees make better personal and professional decisions and demonstrate enhanced communication and management skills.  As they become healthier and take better care of exercise, nutrition, and balance, they feel and think better, render finer decisions, and overall maximize their capacities.  For the organization the bottom line is less money wasted on 'sick days' and an increase in productivity and profitability!